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6 months ago
jbubbly Can love allow you to meet in the middle with someone who's credit score is a little less desirable? Feb 19
jbubbly Im not credit score bashing, I'm just speaking on reality. You've worked all these years to improve upon and sustain a good credit score. Why would you accept anyone with anything less than what you have accumulated throughout the years. Feb 19
jbubbly If your credit score is 800 and the person you love credit score is 550, will the love last and how long? Feb 19
admin Can you truly love someone who's credit score is lower than yours. Better yet how long will the love last? Feb 11
30 months ago
Administrator and admin are now friends Feb 13
Administrator's profile has been featured. Feb 13
Administrator wrote on Administrator's Walls
Welcome to Date My Credit Score ...
Feb 12 Hello. What kind of car do you drive? Feb 12
admin updated article Terms & Conditions Feb 12
admin updated article My first blog post.... Feb 12
43 months ago
jbubbly can u truly love someone with a 500 credit score? that is my question to the world, stop kiddin yourself, the answer is no....... the relationship will not last....... Feb 14
jbubbly i saw a beautiful young lady the other day. i wanted to approach her and introduce myself but in the back of my mind i was wonderin, what is her credit score. is it rude of me to think this? Feb 14
jbubbly I wonder why do women not ask what a persons credit score is, its like diving into an empty swimming pool. Feb 08

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